Engineering Solutions

Delivering Engineering Excellence

KCIG Engineering Solutions presents the leading edge in providing the modern organization with engineering related solutions. We have firmly established roots in traditional services such as providing engineering teams, CAD teams, launch teams, engineers & specialists on demand. Additionally we are continuously branching out to more innovative fields. KCIG specialises in the rapid establishment of international teams and resource pools. 

Managing Engineering Solutions

Engineering departments in the automotive industry face a series of challenges. These issues are a result of quickly shifting product development environments, increasingly complex products, and the need for support during peaks and troughs. However, one of the biggest challenge for engineers lies in the successful implementation of outsourcing activities. This is due to outsourced suppliers often lacking an understanding of the client’s product development and BoM processes. KCIG focuses on minimizing these risks by delivering expert engineering services supported by additional in-house BoM/Releasing and project consulting. Ensuring that each challenge is able to be overcome at the right time, resulting in a higher level of successful implementation.

Engineering Services